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The One.com site provide a one-klick installation to get your WordPress site up and running. If you having trouble setting your site up, then you can always contact me and I will help you set up a basic blog site up.

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Awesome Aspie


Learn to code:

For all of you who like to learn how to code/programming, I will share information here that you can use at home.

Udacity gives on month free access for their higher- paying, employable skills at home. You can study anytime you like, at your own pace. https://www.udacity.com


Codecademy is another great site where you can learn how to code.



That’s all the text you see on a screen. Everything that is text in a page, a structure, is written in HTML. 



Is all the styling you see, meaning the colors or fonts being used to make a site look pretty.



Is everything you can do on a page. Like click on a button that will open a new page for you. 


Another great page to learn Javascript is this one: Eloquent Javascript It’s a book but it’s also a site where you can code and try it out.