I will tell you in a short and consist way how I prepare for the new years. You can copy it all or just try out the things that calls you and you resonate with. 

I make my morning coffee in a pink mug, light candles and incense and place my crystals near me. I then grab my Louis Vuitton agenda to write down The New Year List. It’s a list of everything I want in 2021, that include everything I want to have, everything I want to experience. I am as specific as I can be. 

I watch The Secret movie (from 2006, it’s on Netflix) to get me in that receiving high energy vibe. If you never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. It could change your whole life!

I then clean my place. I make the laundry. I vacuum clean the floors and furnitures. I clean the kitchen and the bathroom. I make my bed with new bedding. I put out clean towels in the bathroom. While I am thinking about the list I wrote and changing my place to match that what I want. The point here is to make space in your home to receive the stuff you want. To let go of the things you outgrown and is no longer you. Making space for the ”you” that you want to grown into. 

I put on music that makes me happy while I clean out my space. It’s not a chore, it should be something you actually enjoy doing for yourself. 

I then light incense, candles and salvia to clean out the energy in the house. I do that by using the smoke from salvia in every room. Especially on the front door where energy comes and goes into the home. 

I say small prayers or mantras. Like: 

Everything is working out for me.

Everything I want I will have it.

I am open to receive.

You can create your own mantra.  

I make food that I will enjoy but is also good for my body. I really try not to eat any junk food, simply because the feeling weights me down. When I eat ”clean” I do feel light.  

I then take a bubble bath and make a spa like treatment for myself. That includes face mask, scrubs or peeling, shaving, pedicure and manicure. And all kinds of creams. I plock my eyebrows also. 

I meditate. That can be durring a walk and just being present in the here and now. 

I usually can’t sit still, but I compensate that with some yoga. That puts one in a good mood and in tune in ones body. Sometimes even the feeling of oneness.

Lastly I create a vision board for the New Year. For that I use all the things I wrote down on The New Year List as an inspiration for the pictures I will put on it. I am careful not to exclude anything that will inspire me or feels ”happy” or ”right”. I tend to put Christmas gift wraps on it. They are usually beautiful to look at and there is that happy receiving energy around them. What you will need is a blank papper as a background, glue, scissors and some magazines to cut out pictures from. 

Finally I use the salvia smoke on the vision board when it’s done, and I say the mantra that I choose. If you don’t have a mantra, just saying ”Thank You” is the only prayer you will ever need. 

I would love to know your New Years Ritual. Or if you going to try out some of mine. And if you make a vision board then I would love to see it. You can direct message me at @awesomeaspie.co in Instagram. 

Thank You for reading and Happy New Year! 


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