Tips on things you can do at home

Since the ”normal” daily life is interrupted right now, I thought to share with you how I structure my days at home and what I do. 


Words have power. I suggest you create your own affirmations that you like and hang them around your house. Or write them on your bathroom mirror with lipstick. Perhaps a color that makes you happy.

Some affirmations that I like:

“I got everthing I need within me”

“I can’t control every thing but I can control how I react to things”

“Do what you can, where your are, with what you have”


Oprah has a free meditation right now. You get a new meditation to follow everyday for 22 days straight. There are questions you can answer after the meditation that will guarantee change your mood and thinking to the better. Just try it. 

Oprah Center Meditation

Yoga with Adriene

I stopped going to my gym and I need to movie my body or I will go crazy. The simplest way to do that is to take out my pink yoga mat and put on a video to follow. I’m doing a 30 days with Adriene, where you get a yoga schedule to follow everyday single day. You can choose which one you like.

Yoga With Adriene


Here is information about coding. I love how you can learn code online and all by your self. Now when the world is going more digital its a great time to start coding. You just need internet and a computer. 

Once there was a guy who wrote a post in a coding group in Facebook, he wonder how he could learn coding better since he didn’t own a computer. He could have access to a computer once a week at his friends house where he took notes to study at home. If thats not dedication, then I don’t know what is! 

Reminder: We have so much to be grateful of.

Photography and creativity 

There is a lot of free stuff online right now. I suggest you search for your interest and I bet you will find something fun and cool for you to learn. Here is free Adobe for students: 



Oh the lovely Netflix! There is endless of movies or shows to watch but I wanted to give some tips that can be useful now. 

Tidying up with Marie Kondo – In this series you will learn how to clean your home to make it spark joy for you. You will learn how to fold clothes properly and where to really began when you decided to get your house in order. 

Pandemic – A serie about virus and pandemic. It’s scary to watch but it’s very informative as well.

Atypical – A serie about a guy that is autistic. You get to follow his life and his family. Warning: there is no female autism represented. 

The Secret – It’s a documentary about the law of attraction. 

Apple TV+ 

I just found out that you get a year for free to watch Apple TV+ if you bought a new device from apple recently. I found this when I was searching for the new show Oprah does on covid-19. It’s called “Oprah Talks Covid-19”.


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