Human smell:

When I need to stand in line in the grocery shop or in the elevator with people that are too close. I hate that. Usually I take one step backwards to get some space = air or I smell my arm where I usually put a lot of perfume that I like in case I will be to close to people. 

Body contact:

And if someone happens to touch me, especially skin to skin. That happens mostly at my arms when people pass by. Thats when I want to tear off my own skin.

Talk on the phone:

To talk in public on the phone and be aware of my surrounding at the same time is almost impossible. I don’t answer the phone when I’m outside, but I do text back instead. I don’t do small talk, so the girl that likes chitchat on the phone for hours, thats just not me. 

No time perspective:

I don’t feel time. I don’t know how long ten minutes are or one hour. I’m always late or really early when I need to be on time somewhere.

Eye contact:

This shit hurts.

Fluorescent lamps in the store:

Some can be ok while others just pierce my eyes and make me tired. When they flicker a lot they drain my energy. 

Loud music:

There is a time and a place for loud music and thats never in an restaurant where you supposed to sit and enjoy your food and perhaps talk and hear what people respond to you.

Refrigerator in grocery shop and their buzzing:

I take a longer way to get what I want in the store just to not go near the refrigerators. I shop when its late and there are less people in the store that makes noise.

Outdoor dining/pub/coffeeshop when everyone is talking and sitting in the middle of the crowd:

Sometimes this happens, mostly in square where it isn’t much space left to choose a quiet corner.

The wind and how it makes my ears feel:

Especially when I strive to listen to what the other says. This is itching my brain.

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