This weekend I am going to make a new vision board.

I feel like I have outgrown the old one.

And that I am changing.

And so are my wishes.

And what I want to have in my life.

While I give thanks to all the stuff that have come true.

I make space for the new ones to come into my life by letting go off the outcome.

Do like this:

Take the list you wrote about what makes you happy.

Take the list of the wishes you would like to see everyday in your life.

Or in your life in general.

The more specific you are, the better.

Take a bunch of magazines.

Or anything else that has picture or text.

Or search for picture in the internet to print out.

Sites like Pinterest or Weheartit are great.

Cut out the ones that ”speak” to you.

The pictures that make you feel good when looking at them.

That represent the things you want to have in your life.

Or maybe a text that you can use as a quotation.

You can glue them together on a bigger papper.

Or you can put them on the refrigerator.

You can also pin them to a cork board (you find it at Ikea).

You can arrange the pictures by category.

Stuff you want.

Events you want to experience.

Accomplishments you want to make.

Places you want to visit.

Or arrange them by color.

Just make it pretty for you to look at.

When you finish making the vision board place it where you can see it.

Look at it everyday and imagine you having all the stuff already.

How would it feel like to live that life?

Stay in the feeling a while.

Then let it go.

And go on with your life.

Knowing that.

In due time, everything will come to you.

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