We operate on a different operating system.

I believe we have an MacOS.

While neurotypical have a Windows.

Its difficult to download programs in a Mac.

You can’t cheat on a Mac.

Mac requires your information.

Your numbers on your credit card.

Windows will give you possibilities.

To download programs.

Install them.

Hack them.

And have them forever.

Mac can’t be played that way.

We don’t do well with a lot of people and all kind of small talk… we don’t do rumors.

We can’t be hacked that way.

But Mac is simpler to use.

If you get to know it.

It gives your so much more.

Than a Windows do.

(sorry but true)

But it will still need your information.

But! There are programs that both operating systems can install.

Both free or paid.

Imagine Windows and MacOS go out for an ice-cream or stealing a pizza.

Its just like that.

Both have information.

The fun stuff like music.

And pictures.

And movies.

And they can even share the same memories. (not only Gb).

And then they have these files laying.

Taking up space in the system.

The computer even tells you that you can delete them. ( I got 12,17Gb right now)

It’s the stuff you don’t need.

It’s the stuff Windows and MacOS wants to get rid of.

What do you need to get rid of in order to make space for the fun stuff that you do use?

Make room for ice-cream and pizza!

And some Windows operating systems in your life.

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