In a stressful situation.

That situation alone could be a book.

So I will not write about it.

But I wanted to share the lesson.

To lose something you like is never fun.

And to lose something because of a stressful situation made me think about my actions.

When unnecessary stress occurs you need to take a step back.

The thing is to know if you should be active or passive in a situation.

Every one is different.

And difficult for us.

Just like life itself, there is no rule book to follow.

I got home and looked at all the stuff I DO have.

And how I need to cherish them more.

How I need to take care off them.

And give them the care they required to look and operate at their best.

It can be to update the computer or to clean silver.

How I need to show them appreciation.

Because I am grateful for the things I have.

They make me having the life I live.

How could I post this without a computer?

How much do WE have that we don’t take care of?

How much do we know that we don’t think is any value in?

How many skills do we possess that we don’t make into reality?

How much do you need to really take a look at ALL that you have?

Write it down.

And don’t ever think its a small, insignificant thing.

Often just because something is obvious for us we tend to think its valueless.

For someone else that very thing you got could mean the world to them.

Share your gifts.

Because thats what they are.

Your gifts comes easy to you.

Your gifts are effortless for you.

Your gifts is what you do and don’t even think about it.

Your gifts makes you happy.

Your gifts are something you probably take for granted.

So take a look around:

What needs to be given that extra care and shown gratitude to?


Well, its still no fun to lose something you like.

But I gain a lesson.

And I’m taking care of it by sharing it here and incorporate it in my life from here on.

And instead of feeling stressed out and anxious over losing a thing.

Im feeling grateful for gaining knowledge.

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