Nobody sees the work behind it all.

The stress and pressure we are under all the time.

The people around us and their patience.

Nobody sees behind the scene.

And nobody want to.

I guess that here lies our loneliness.

Here lies the thin line between ”your are so smart” and ”you stupid idiot”.

We exist in it in silence.

We sit in it.

We sit with it.

And we endure it.

All the feelings that comes with it.

And the people around us can only have patience and watch.

And wait.

Like we are waiting.

For it to pass.

And when it does.

Damn we are so smart.

And clever.

And logical.

And out of the box thinkers.

And we can do it all.

People around us sees now that their patience have paid.

And we hear ”you are so smart” from strangers.

Or you hear the famous ”I’ve never thought about it that way”.

And after a while you get tired of this.

And you think ”no shit you haven’t!?”

Ironically of course.

Because you know what it took for you to get there.

What it all cost you.

And when you will get back to your loneliness behind the scene.

They can not follow you backstage there.

And you will hear ”you stupid idiot” again.

But remember:

Diamonds can not exist without pressure.

They may think off us as awkward or as savants.

But I see us as diamonds under pressure behind the scene.

And every time we are getting just more awesome.

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