I mean:

A place for you to release some tension in a happy mode.

Neurotypicals have bars, clubs.

They have  gatherings.

They have afterwork.

They have meet-ups at coffee shops.

They get fueled from the movement, from the noise, from the small talk.

That what is for us the none-sense chitchat.

They get energy from being around people in small rooms, full of people that making extra noice to be heard over the volume of the music.

Where is your play area?

Where do you leave your tensions?

Where do you have your likeminded people (to complain about your coworker or about the boss or life in general).

We don’t have the same perception and we don’t feel the same way about stuff.

Do you have a bounce ball?

Or clay to make small dwarfs with?

Do you lay still on a yoga mat?

Do you rull around on the floor?

Do you jump around your house pretending that its a dance while looking like a wild horse?

Do you have what fuels you?

Do you have the tools to fuel you?

Get a list off the things you like.

And incorporate it in your daily life today.

Whenever you feel lost go back and read the list and see what is lacking for you.

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An Atheist In Iowa · September 8, 2017 at 12:29 am

Home is where it’s at for me. I have video games and a fidget spinner. Other than that I just kinda do what I please there and it is very calming.

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