The awful and degrading.


No we should not know how you ment by that.

We should not known better.

No we should not have learn that by now.

No we should not understand the underline meaning of what you just said.


And we shouldn’t ”should” ourselves anymore.

And its hard.

Really hard.

When everyday we are ”shouldn’t” by society.

And we think that is the right way to live.

Ae must stop ”I should” ourselves.

We don’t ”you should” neurotypicals to make a distinguish between different type off,

Rose flowers just by their smells.

We don’t ask these things from you.

And you should stop asking them from us.

And we should stop should ourselves.

Our brain is not wired that way.

We don’t get your meaning.

We don’t read your thoughts.

We get what you are telling us.

Literary telling us.

We are created with this awesome brain.

By God if you will call it that way.

By the universal infinite energy.

We are made this way.

To try to change us.

To try to change ourselves.

Its a waste of time.

Our time is precious.

Its waste of our gifts to the world.

Our gifts are healing.

Ee have so much to share.

To give.

To be!

In this world.

And somehow we are made to feel like we are at the wrong planet.

We are not.

Or we wouldn’t be here.

We are here to spred light.

We are here to make you authentic.

We are here to question your thoughts.

We are here to expand your life.

We are humans with detail based brains.

If we get send to the store to buy a chocolate and the color on the label is changed.

And/or the fonts have been changed.

For us its not the same chocolate.

And most likely.

We will come home empty handed.

And thats when the light you have.

You need to give it to us.

And never a ”you should known”.

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An Atheist In Iowa · September 7, 2017 at 5:34 am

I liked this earlier and had to come back and read it again. Love it. Great post!

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