If Beyonce can have the word bootylicious acknowledge as a real word.

How much words doesn’t just evaporate everyday?

”Funny speech” they say.

I say its brilliant.

We make visuals with the words and sentence we use.

Its like an doodle.

But in sound.

Yes we bend the sound.

We break it.

We switch its places.

Just like an doodle.

It creates thinking.

It helps process the information.

It absorbs the information.

Doodling makes new though pattern easy on the mind.

Doodling makes you learn.

Its not funny its ultimate necessary.

Its the thin line between life and death.

But I say:

Always reach to learn with laughter.

So laugh all you want.

Never at me.

But with me.

Just like you would do with Beyonce.

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