Isn’t it funny how we can annoy people by being ourselves.

How the things we say can make folks mean in a second.

How they think they need to defend themselves.

How they just switch from being nicest to the devils persona.

And we are just like an question mark.

Unaware off what went wrong.

But we get that it got something to do with us.

You can learn by joy or by pain.

The mirroring.

The nasty things people say.

The way they change right in front off your eyes.

It got nothing to do with you.

Its their bullshit that they bring forward.

Remember: nothing people say or do has anything to do with you.

This is a way to spred the light.

This is a way for them to shift their mindset (about themselves and their self beliefs).

This is a change for them to check their bullshit and make a change.

And this is a chance for us to help them by saying:

”You interpreted the thing I said into something bad, or else you would understand that I got nothing but love in my heart”.


Beware… being nice can piss people off.


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An Atheist In Iowa · September 5, 2017 at 5:10 am

Awesome post!

Over the last several months I have begun to cut back on my mimicry and other aspects I’ve used to hide my who I really am. Have had friends say, “I don’t like this new you.” Which I replied with, “this is the me that I am when no one else is around. I know it upsets them having been lied too, but I’m done playing the part of a human and just going to be me.

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